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I am newly retired so it will take a while to determine what interests will fill my time. I think I might like to travel a little, but I tend to be more of a homebody since my own city is so beautiful.

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Yesterday a few of us Americans were hanging out talking with a Brazilian.

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Ultimately, your chances of getting a positive response are much lower as a result!

Read on for the slang you need to know if you’re on a quest to find your OTP. Bae: Bae refers to your girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, significant other, or object of desire — whether real, in progress, or aspirational.

There are different stories of where bae originated from: Some claim it’s a shortened version of “babe” (because “babe” just wasn’t short enough), and others say it’s an acronym for “before anyone else.” What is not questioned, however, is its rise in popularity.

When this happens and you try and sell, this is then going to feel pretty much like cold calling.

They don’t know who you are, they have no need to trust you and here you are trying to get them to buy something from you.