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It’s like trying to pen down the pros and cons of being racist against blacks.

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We […]Do you want your toes to curl when you have an orgasm? Do you want all your neighbours to know when you hit the Big O? The reason might seem a bit mindboggling at first, but if you stop to consider it, why would anyone buy adult magazines in print when they can […]Last week we had the honor of introducing our dear readers to some of the best babes in the adult entertainment industry.The romantic euphemism is in San Diego for Comic-Con, so I’m eating lots of ice cream, drinking lots of wine, and reading romance novels to make the time pass as benignly as possible.And the current novel has me thinking about the ways romance novels don’t teach people how sex really works. And the best sex partners, as in this particular book (Jennifer Crusie’s nutty “Faking It”) “know every sexual position that a man over 50 could want,” for example. There’s this one book the list of 100 Best Romance novels that’s about a woman who seeks out a man to train her to seduce her own husband, because apparently it’s learning the SKILLS that will make him want her. In real life, the best sex – and I mean not just sex that’s memorable or sex that’s fun, but the sex that changes your life and rules everything around you (and yet results in no large-scale or long-term physical consequences, like infection or pregnancy or…I had been tossing and turning for hours and still wasn’t any more tired than I had been when I first got into bed. It had been only two days since Xander moved in and already I could tell that my living situation was going downhill fast.I was still awkward as all hell around both Eric and Gavin, but now I was...Like, how do romance novels represent the very best sex? Because in the best sex, there ARE no consequences, there is only joy and shared intimacy. Dear romance authors, please take note: fewer positions, fewer orgasms, more emotional barriers shed.