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hahaha..drama that i watched repeatedly before ftly was addicted to this every night.. The Taiwanese version was really good but this version is just phenomenal. v=e2Jr X-Pyz1g Love this drama from episode one to episode 20. i can't believe that this drama has ended already..:( i'll definitely miss the jang hyuk-jang na ra couple!! do you agree that advertisement and famous cast effects the drama's popularity???? so couldn't stop laughing at HAMO HAMO lmaao, recommend this drama for everyone, Overall loved it more than the original. An incredibly creative, heartfelt, well acted and funny drama!!! Thanks to the casts, director, writer and production staffs for this beautiful drama. The main guy was quite good with serious scenes but not with funny ones as I find it oa.. and those are the details and the great cast and acting and writing that make this show GREAT !!! just finished watching this drama and it was one of the best and highly recommended for romantic comedy drama. I want watch more again n again...sweet couple wif chemistry...beautiful drama..of actors on drama.. This FTLY show that K-drama can show the finished story of the character, surely I'm very satisfied from FLTY, they make me laugh so hard, and cry at the same time.. A colorful taste drama which is funny, touching and romantic. Awesome drama series with Rewriter, Director, Actors, Actresses, .. So Miyoung will cherish that moment on a very special sacred day once again she’ll say “I do”! Longing to watch episode 15 of course followed by episode sweet 16… The setting so uplifting and definitely entertaining! Their phenomenal acting and chemistry saved it from being a mediocre drama. I think it would have been one of the best kdrama rom-coms ever if it weren't for the second half where the story went around in circles. It occurred & drawn to our attention with provoking questions! 3rd – Will these two gorgeous gents, Gun & Daniel propose or declare and pronounce, the 3 magic words – “I Love you” to a precious gem Minyoung? The acting is done beautifully and each episode just seemed better than the last. To me.made the drama more unique in it's own category. Only you will laugh too...congratulations to script writer, very nice drama.... of course Jang Hyuk is Amazing - he's always great - but , he managed to impress me even more ! he has added so much Freshness and Humor to his role .... and it was not necessary in this scene , but the Amazing actor that he is , never breaks out of character and kept that angst inside him all along .... My mom hate him at first and then say she likes him so much lol. I really like the story from start to end, especially how the couple (kim and gunn) became together in mid-end episode and struggle for their love, different with typical Other K-drama which only end with separate each others and ended up with (only) hugging and bammm "finished".. I am agreed with Jan that Korean drama's Fated to love you was so much better original one. Admiringly, brilliantly the ultimate romantic comedy! Not too shabby but originally filmed made authentically! I started watching this to just pass some time while waiting for the episodes of a drama to come out but I didn't know I was going to fall completely in love with the characters. Could be much funnier when there’s a lot of laughter! This drama has that little corny stuff in it, that made people squirm in some situation. They really have a good chemistry, they are very good actors and actress especially jang hyuk with the laugh. but just w/ leaning his neck as he bends to sit and the tenderness in his eyes , he managed to express all the longing and affection that he is forced to suppress and hide behind a smile.... I mean he just came and sat next to her and managed to express how much he is yearning to have her , to keep her , to tell her the truth but is forced to lie and pretend he's cool and smile .... In-Ha begins to paint her portrait, but the next moment she is gone. This kdrama is one of the best dramas that I have watched !!! Be strong Sukkie this Argentina fan supports you all the way!In-Ha runs out to find her and, in his excitement, bumps into Yoon-Hee. In-Ha helps to pick her stuff up, but doesn't say anything to her. Also, the lead actress Yoona she can really portray her role very well. I'll never understand because they got good ratings The basis of this story is a cultural Taboo that would be and is totally foreign to a Western person.They are pretty, cute, sexy, loyal, clean, sweet, fun and have an innocence about life that is quite refreshing.

You can probably expect flowers or silly little gifts.

first 10 episodes are boring , i was about to stop watching it , but i continued it , but still it wasn't that much. I've only watched the original drama which is the Taiwanese drama and it is one of my favourite dramas. it is the little things that make this show so much better than all the rest .....

the best drama for summer 2014....great acting, great chemistry..great story....great supporting actor.blend very well... i never watch that drama...maybe because i watch secret love at that time..... @P @Jean Singer/Songwriter turned Actress Jang Nara also wrote Snail. I will remember FTLY korean version as my favorite drama of all time. this one maybe is not that well known through asia but it's 100 times better than THE HIERS...a drama that most of the watchers were craving for the release date!!!!

In-Ha, Dong-Wook and Chang-Mo also enjoy playing the guitar and singing together. Also, the lead actress Yoona she can really portray her role very well.

One day, In-Ha passes female student Yoon-Hee (Yoona) on campus. And the story is very fascinating, from 70's to the present.