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“I wanted to create a community for fitness lovers that shared my passion for the outdoors and a healthy lifestyle.” After pitching a fitness community app to investors, Hand realized the exploding dating app market was a good place to start.

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The creative synergy between Dawson and Lugacy is arresting: The actress’s heartening sense of nuance complements Lugacy’s more deliberate and forceful feminist agenda, and though the material is sometimes over-determined (a scene in which Maya is crassly talked about by her co-workers is a rather cheesy denunciation of the presumptuousness a victim of rape might be unknowingly subjected to), Dawson’s tenderness is alleviating, preventing from devolving into a trite academic manifesto.When she wakes up inside a club’s private room, the morning after she tries cocaine for the first time without raising much fuss, a zonked-out Maya stares at her reflection in a bathroom mirror, at once repulsed and excited by the scarlet trickle of blood that peeks out from one of her nostrils, burying her humiliation beneath a phony show of strength.The Lost City Of Z will welcome visitors on April 21, 2017, which is also the debut date for Unforgettable, starring Heigl and Rosario Dawson.Of course, both films could end up roadkill in the wake of Fast 8 (né Furious 8) which will be out on April 14.Rosario Dawson is Maya, a college student who succumbs, despite her better judgment, to the suave sexual advances of a meathead played by Chad Faust.

His son Spider-Man tags along on the perilous journey, probably wondering why he couldn’t have gotten a summer internship instead.Heigl and Dawson took over for Kerry Washington and Kate Hudson, the latter of whom has probably had enough of warring over weddings.Choose wisely, or just wait to watch Fast 8 in its second week. You find out it's Rose licking a mirror, but it gets across the idea that it could be around the corner at any time." "The way Rose says 'cocksucker' is really great," says Tarantino. She'll screw up a line and say, ' Aw, fucking cocksucker!' Robert told me once, ' Rose said the greatest Quentin line the other day.Thanks to Amazon, we’ll get to see Charlie Hunnam and Katherine Heigl face off in a release-date cage match.