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Crossdating by skeleton plotting

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The method uses a low-pass digital filter, running means, and standard deviations of ring-width measurements.When the manual and computer plots are compared for the same series, approximately 85% agreement is found.For more information about this peer-reviewed scholarly journal, please email the Editor of Tree-Ring Research at [email protected] plotting is an established manual technique for representing the relative narrowness of tree rings in a single radius.Here, the curve is shown detrended (and somewhat zoomed out) to make the calculations behind the skeleton lines more obvious.(The slider (trackbar) of the "Settings/Plotting window settings/Set relative height of ring width curves" has also been somewhat adjusted to make the ring width curve higher.) When there is a reference available, this is plotted as a blue upside-down skeleton plot.

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Especially wide rings are marked with a "b" (broad). If you draw your plots on strips of graph paper, these strips can be horizontally shifted relative to each other so you can find where the plots match each other.This item is part of the Tree-Ring Research (formerly Tree-Ring Bulletin) archive.It was digitized from a physical copy provided by the Laboratory of Tree-Ring research at The University of Arizona.The usefulness of Skeleton Chi2 values as calculated in CDendro may really be questioned for the type of dendrochronological datings we are doing in Sweden!If we only use the Skeleton Chi2 values as the selection criteria when dating 80 year long blocks of Scots pine grown here in Saltsjbaden towards a reference curve from the nearby island of Nmd, we will only have some 30% of our blocks with Chi2 values above 15 though with one third of them with a wrong dating.Following surface preparation, you can begin the process of crossdating.