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Consolidating debt credit score Hidensex

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however, I also thought about a personal loan to consolidate my debt.

my question is: if I get a personal loan of 20-25k (I don't think I can get much more than that), I'll pay it off in less than 5 years, and I will use it completely and exclusively to close two or three of my highest credit cards.

This would increase my available credit of ~20-25k, which I read is really good for the credit score.

now, using credit karma's simulator, if I paid off ~20k I would increase my credit score of about 100 points...however, how does the fact that I got a loan for that much affect the credit score in first instance?

Consolidated credit companies are another name for credit counseling agencies.

They advise consumers on budgeting and discuss options available for eliminating debt.

When you’ve worked your entire life to maintain a relatively good credit score, the last thing you want to do is damage it.

However, there are definitely some cases where a credit sacrifice is needed.

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Nonprofit credit consolidation companies provide you with the convenience of making one monthly payment to help you become debt free.

These cases are the most extreme and you might not have much of a choice.

For many of us, there are still a handful of options to think through.

If you are juggling multiple credit card bills, you may benefit from the convenience of having one consolidated monthly payment.

Consider all of the bills that the modern household pays (mortgage/rent, utilities, cell phone, cable, internet, etc.).