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These men lied about their ages, their locations, and their intentions.
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When I closed my eyes during Duran Duran’s Friday night performance and concentrated on just the music, they sounded almost as crisp as I remembered when I used to play their songs on my pink boombox.

It brought me back to me pre-teens when I would also watch MTV for hours waiting for their elaborate videos to come on and for a few minutes the angst around me would melt away. I also missed their 2011 performance at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, so I had high expectations going in – and they did not disappoint.

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This method requires my Body Slide tool (v1.3 or later), which can be found as an optional download on the main CBBE mod or as the main file on the Body Slide and Outfit Studio mod.

These armours are not designed to work with BBP, apologies. You will see three folders (Options, meshes, Caliente Tools), several images, and a file.4.

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